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Characteristics of condenser microphone
Jan 03, 2017

This microphone is most common because it is cheap, compact, and the effect is not bad. Sometimes called the MIC. Specific theory is that, in a special material, takecharge, where the charge is not easy to release, when people talk, charged vibrations of thin films. Leading to it and a plate spacing is also constantly changing, changes the capacitance. Because it is with the above charges unchanged, according to Q=CU, voltage will change, which converts voice signals into electrical signals. This signal is usually added at the microphone inside of a field-effect transistor to amplify the signal, when inserted in the circuit, the correct connection to note it. In addition, are piezoelectric type and other types. Piezoelectric microphones are commonly used now in some low-end equipment.

Condenser microphone is the core component of class, made up of two pieces ofmetal film; when sound waves cause vibrations when the resulting spacing of metalfilm capacitor of different, and produce electricity. General requires 48V phantompower supply condenser microphone and microphone amplification devices or mixer to work.

Capacitance microphone is one of the oldest types of microphones, it appears thetime dating back to the early 20th century. Compared with other types of microphones, condenser microphone of the mechanical structure of the most simple, mainly stretched a thin conductive membrane posted on a call sheet metal sheet, this structure is used to form a simple capacitor. And then using the external voltage source (usually a phantom power, but most condenser microphone with power supply unit) to capacitors for power supply. When Yu Zhen when the sound pressure, diaphragm will waveforms make a slight vibration, and these vibrations through thechange of capacitance, causing the output voltage changes, and it is this change of the output voltage the output signal of the microphone. In fact, condenser microphone can also be divided into several classes, but the basic principle is the same.Currently, the most popular condenser microphone is produced the Neumann U87.

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