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How to prevent silent phenomena may arise in the performance
Jan 03, 2017

In performances in the singing actor are always alternating using handheld type wireless microphone, some actor using Hou, may will unconscious to close wireless transmitter of power or open microphone dumb sound switch, makes microphone in dumb sound State (this class wireless microphone of transmitter power switch and microphone dumb sound switch installation in finger easy touch of location, such now a name actor using the wireless microphone Shi on will appeared wireless microphone no voice of embarrassing scenes, then not only effect actor of performances mood, also will effect audience of watch interest, May also enable the operator off guard, this must be taken seriously.

In fact, if your wireless microphone transmitter power supply is turned off, the DIVERSITY wireless microphone receiver transmitter the display LED goes out, if the operator when using the wireless microphone, can alternate in the program often view the wireless receiver is able to find work conditions of this phenomenon. However, if your wireless microphone mute switch is opened, the most wireless microphone receiver could not be displayed. Unless the operations staff on the show alternately when using headphones to monitor (not realistic).

Voice phenomenon in order to prevent the occurrence of wireless microphones, the operator should be performed prior to such wireless microphone transmitter power switch exposure switch and microphone mute switch, fixed with tape, such as amicrophone switch cover, you should always use, keep the wireless transmitter andreceiver is in working condition, and to assure a smooth performance.

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