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How to troubleshoot microphone sound feedback howling
Jan 03, 2017

(1) Stage qualified for the artist a range, in this context should not be howling. In other words, singers should not be too close to the main speakers, main speakers called from the wings; the singer's stance should not be the microphone is to point to the speaker.

(2) Cabaret stage should carry out acoustic treatment, and should be installed on both sides of the wall is sound-absorbing material.

(3) Connect limiter, compression ratio should be set to <=2:1, movement time 10ms, release time was 0.3s。

(4) The tune on reverb adjustment and the volume will not be too large.

(5) When the above measures fail, can be adjusted by the equalizer, frequency attenuation of howling. Specific methods of operation are as follows:

Set Equalizer frequency location to record and then demonstration speech. Increased volume (with tuning Taiwan total fader Regulation), to system just produced since stress of location, will balanced device Shang of regulation button from low frequency began individually cut, can effective elimination since stress howling of frequency points, according to experience General only a since stress resonance frequency (as 250Hz), this frequency near can Xia pulled 3-5dB, remaining frequency points still should keep originally records of bit.

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