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How to use condenser mics
Jan 03, 2017

Condenser microphone using the methods can be divided into the following threecategories:

1. Hand-held condenser microphone:

Handheld condenser microphone DC battery to power the microphone needs to be installed first, push the microphone after the Reed switch installed to top Mike towork.

Microphone and sound card connection is the first microphone cord kanongduanis connected with the tail of the Mike, microphone connected to the computer at the other end of the line, audio, mixer, amplifier and other equipment on the microphone input jacks can be used. Connect mixer, amplifier and other equipment requires 3.5 to 6.35 adapter.

2. Large, medium and small diaphragm vacuum tube, vacuum tube condenser microphone:

This type of microphone is called in the industry of professional audio condensermic. It is used, first install on bracket vibration mount on the front of the microphone, and male and female XLR Plug one end of the line at the bottom of the microphone jack and the other end connected to the phantom power or something, mixer, phantom power XLR socket on the kanongzhuan 3.5 microphone phantom power line connection, and on the sound card. After the power on the mixer or amplifier, phantom power switch can be used.

3. Free power supply capacitor microphone:

That Mike is the last one or two years, there's a new condenser microphone, whichis characterized by work without phantom power and battery-powered, install andvery simple to use. Phone line kanongduan method is be connected at the end of the microphone and the other 3.5 plug directly into a computer, sound card, phantom power or on the mixer microphone input jacks can be used.

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