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Microphone's proximity effect
Jan 03, 2017

Proximity effect is a sound technology to enhance the bass effect, namely, microphones in the few cm from the source location.

Although in some cases this effect will produce some singers like strong full sound, but there are numerous occasions to control or completely avoid the low boost,for example, in a recorded conversation. Proximity effect might the conversation unintelligible. Some microphones equipped bass filters to compensate for proximity effect, such as Sennheiser MD 421 and MD 441, AKG SolidTube and c 414 B-ULS.

There is also a proved to be an effective solution. Electro-VoICe Variable-D microphone has a patented design, this design eliminates proximity effect in directionalstrong heart-shaped microphone can be obtained. Variable-D Hypercardioid microphone RE16 and RE20 microphone distance to maintain a smooth bass frequency response, improves sound clarity.

When the recording or broadcast stage shows, working distance is usually very close to the near-acoustic technology comes in. This is done in order to avoid acoustic feedback.

Technology like this is not necessary in the Studio, remote sound dominates. Therefore, in the Studio could use moving coil and condenser microphones. Condensermicrophone for instantaneous voice with excellent response. When the speaker when there is excess hiss, moving-coil microphones than condenser microphones.

Had to use microphones most important. To help end users should be aware of: the microphone is used for broadcast and recording studios, and is used for a broadcast or theatrical recordings (sound)?

For broadcast or voice recording in Studio will be used for remote microphone. And for broadcasting or recording of the stage (with sound), will require suitable microphone for sound transmission. In the case of audio, users should decide whatmicrophone is best for determining the need for proximity effect before.

Next, the microphone is closer to the people? If it is, get a pendant microphone and other special microphone (headset microphone) to choose between. The pendant microphone and any rustling noise (the microphone and cable housings due to friction) isolation is very important.

Use in non-professional speaker (such as Studio guests) on clothes when the pendant microphone, sound engineers should tell the speaker not to accidentally may tie pin or necklace on the microphone, or annoying the audience could be heard screaming.

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