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Principle of the condenser microphone
Jan 03, 2017

Capacitor microphone of picked up sound principle is using a Zhang very thin of gilded film, as capacitor of a very, with apart a fraction of mm, has addition a fixed electrode, such formed a several p Farah of capacitor, film electrode followed Sonic vibration and caused capacitor of capacity changes, formed signals, due to this capacitor only several p Farah (1 Farah =1000000000P Farah), its resistance very high, reached g ohm of level (1G ohm =1000000000 ohm) so need a circuit, To convert this g-Ohm impedance to common of about 600 ohms impedance, this circuit,also called the "pre-amplifier" are typically integrated in the internal condenser microphone, you need "phantom power" to power circuits. Is the existence of the preamplifier circuit, so capacitor microphone must be supply phantom power to workproperly, capacitor + phantom power microphone sensitivity is high, than the more commonly used dynamic microphone sensitivity. In other words, condenser microphone doesn't work on your computer or other device recording, phantom power is needed, and recorded the voices are not smaller than moving-coil microphones.

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