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Structure of the condenser microphone
Jan 03, 2017

Condenser microphone the structure as shown in the figure: the two plates of thecapacitor is divided into two parts, respectively known as the diaphragm and back.Dan Zhen film microphone head, diaphragm and back are located at both sides, double diaphragm, back in the Middle, and diaphragm is located on both sides.

Capacitor microphone of points to sex is through on vibration film opposite of acoustic path carefully design and debugging to completed of, this is in various recording occasions, especially earlier, and site recording in the up to has is big of role, however for it of technology index of defined, due to involved to audio engineering measurement, using who hard told have clear, hearsay of many, recommends more understand about microphone frequency ring and points to sex graphs.

Generally speaking (there are exceptions, of course), condenser microphone sensitivity and extended high frequency (sometimes low frequency) response is better than moving-coil microphones.

This condenser microphone you need to convert the sound signal into a current work-related. Usually, capacitor microphone diaphragm is very thin, very vulnerableto sound and vibrate, causing diaphragm with diaphragm tank back voltage between the corresponding change. This voltage change then after passing through themagnification of the preamplifier, and then converts the voice signal output.

Of course, here the preamplifier, refers to the built-in microphone amplifier, ratherthan what we usually call the "front", that is, mixing console or interface with the preamplifier. Due to the capacitor microphone diaphragm area is very small, so it is very sensitive to low frequency or high frequency response of a sound signal. That's indeed the case. Most condenser microphone is able to accurately capture themany ears do not hear sound.

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