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What is a condenser microphone
Jan 03, 2017

Condenser microphone is the core component of the very first, made up of two pieces of metal film; when sound waves cause vibrations when the resulting spacingof metal film capacitor of different, and produce electricity. Because the very first needs a certain polarization voltage can be used, so capacitor microphone requiresphantom power supply to work. Condenser microphone with high sensitivity, highdirectivity characteristics. Therefore, it is generally used in a variety of professionalmusic, film and television on the recording, in the Studio is very common.

In addition there is a condenser microphone electret microphone and electret microphone small size, wide frequency range, characteristic of high fidelity and low costs, communications equipment, widely used in home appliances and other electronic products. Electret microphone diaphragm has been upon high-voltage anodizing permanently with some charges, so there is no need to add the polarization voltage. Requirements for portable, electret condenser microphones can be made very small, therefore a certain degree of impact sound quality. But in theory the samesize electret microphone and tradition of widespread use in the studio condensermicrophone, the sound quality should not be much difference.

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