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Wireless microphone circuit
Jan 03, 2017

Voice through the microphone by R1, C1;R2, C2, consisting of high and low frequency coupled RC filter to the transistor's base. Due to the positive feedback amplification transistor L1 and C3 C4 equivalent of high frequency oscillator with high frequency signal fed back into the transistor base. Two signal transistor mixing together to form high-frequency FM carrier (88~108MHz), C6 transmission antenna, transmit FM signals from the antenna to the surrounding space.

Clearance tuning coil L1 to change the FM frequencies of FM waves. When used in88~108MHz can be freely selected between FM reception frequency.

Component selection of L1. L 0. 6mm enameled wire in an ordinary ballpoint pen around my hearts 4 laps, transistor with C9018 high-frequency low-power tube, other components can be identified according to plans in the argument.

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