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Considerations For Using A Microphone
Jan 03, 2017

① Bogey and microphone "kissing"

And microphone "Kiss" is a lot of human habits, some people feel that holding themicrophone close to your mouth you stick it on sound quality would be better. In fact, with my mouth against microphone damage normal frequency response of the microphone, is bad for their health, microphone on the net has a lot of bacteria.

② Avoid tapping or blowing into the microphone the microphone

To see this, I believe many people are staggering, this little trick is the habit of toomany people. Microphone pickup parts of more sophisticated and more expensive parts, tapping the microphone or easy to cause the microphone to the microphone blowing displacement or damage to parts.

③ Avoid microphone random

Don't look down on a little microphone, its equipment is very precise. Microphones should be placed in a dry, clean place, no corrosive gases or dust, also note thatmust be handled with care. Microphones placed in KTV room in a dark environment it is easy for a long time, "sick", or the microphone out on a regular basis, "get some air".

④ Avoid pulling the microphone lead

Microphone is heavy, so some people like to catch when you pass the phone microphone lead, like this is likely to cause wire fracture and pickup failure occurs because of bad plugs.

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