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Maintenance Microphone Must Pay Attention To The Taboo
Jan 03, 2017

1.For condenser microphones, avoid blindly adding phantom voltage

Because the capacitance of capacitor microphone requires polarization to work properly, so when using a condenser microphone, voltage must be illusion. We haveto phantom power switch the mixer is open, bearing in mind the voltage and polarity, otherwise, not only in normal use, may cause damage.

2.Bogey left the microphone sound too far or too close

Microphone pickup best distance is 10 cm or so. "Leadership" speech is far from the microphone, singer with a microphone pickup sounds caused by far too small,such as pushing up volume can easily cause howling; too close to the airflow up into speech, issued a "putt-putt" sound interference.

3.Avoid long time at the microphone, do not exit batteries

Now wireless microphone Conference microphones need to be battery-powered.Such as long periods without a microphone, should quit the battery to avoid battery leakage, corrosion of the microphone.

4.Avoid using microphone doesn't close when power

Completion of the meet to talk or sing, should turn off the microphone switch in time when sound control Division also failed to turn off the mixer volume fader: also picked up other noise on the one hand, on the other hand you some unnecessary speech plays out. President Bush had such an experience, causing embarrassment.

Microphone is really a more expensive item, which is why some big stars have their own dedicated phone customized reasons. Support absolutely necessary for a successful concert as well as a microphone and singing bad microphone is affected. So, in our daily lives, we must pay attention to maintenance of the microphone.

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