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Microphone History
Dec 31, 2016

The microphone's history can be traced back to the late 19th century, Bell (Alexander Graham Bell) and other scientists to find better ways to pick up sound in order to improve was the latest invention--the telephone. During they invent a liquid microphone and carbon microphone, the microphone is not ideal, just barely able to use.

In 1949, the weinibosite laboratory (predecessor of the Sennheiser) MD4 microphone has been developed, which can effectively restrain the voice feedback in a noisy environment, reduce background noise. This is the world's first suppress feedback noise-reducing microphone.

In 1961, Germany on Hannover industrial fair, Sennheiser introduced MK102 andMK103 microphone. These microphone microphone is a new interpretation of themanufacturing--RF RF capacitance, which uses the vibration of small, thin films, withsmall size, the characteristics of light weight, and ensures excellent sound quality; in addition, the microphone is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Their influence on the climate has a strong anti-jamming performance, lends itself well tosome new areas, for example, the expedition used outdoors day and night operation, face tremendous temperature and harsh outdoor conditions, the microphonestill outstanding performance.

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