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On The Characteristics Of The Microphone Briefly
Dec 31, 2016

Most of the microphone is electret condenser microphone (ECM), which have decades of history. ECM works is the use of polymeric materials with permanent charge isolation diaphragm.

Compared with the ECM polymer diaphragm, MEMS microphones in performances at different temperatures are very stable and not under the influence of temperature, vibration, humidity and time. Due to the strong heat, MEMS microphones canwithstand 260 ℃ high temperature reflow, and performance will not have any change. Due to changes in sensitivity before and after Assembly is very small, it can even save audio adjustment costs in the manufacturing process.

MEMS microphones require the ASIC to provide an external bias, and ECM do notneed this kind of bias. Effective offset the entire operating temperature range canmaintain stability of acoustic and electrical parameters. External bias also supportsthe design of MEMS chip has different sensitivity of the microphone.

Traditional ECM dimension of MEMS microphone, and is not subject to SMT operation. SMT reflow soldering simplifies the manufacturing process, you can omit a step of manufacturing.

IC and signal processing electronics electret capacitor microphone, and without discrimination, but this is a technique that has been put into use. The electret, you must add the IC and MEMS microphone, simply add additional special functions at the IC. Compared with the ECM, the advantage of this extra functionality is to enable the microphone with high power supply rejection ratio. In other words, if the power supply voltage fluctuations, you are effectively.

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