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Recording Microphone Directivity
Jan 03, 2017

All microphones, where there is a sound signal, here we call it a sound head, General position is behind the shock film. Acoustic head there are three structures. Is asingle-pressure to accept only an opening at one end, so that only the base film side of acceptable sound pressure. Another is pressure point to accept? wide open,namely shock film can accept a variety of angles on both sides of the sound. Finalpressure point acceptable? partially open, is a Sonic shock film on both sides can only accept a specific direction, specific principles behind us details.

The earthquake film only one acceptable sound pressure, sound waves will come around to the front on the back of and, therefore, can be induced to, so that the sound can be picked up in any direction, so we call this point to Omni, in English usually called the Omni, or replaced by a circle pattern. Can accept a variety of voiceson both sides of the shock films from either side over the acoustic wave around tothe front and back, respectively, so as to produce the same pressure, thus offsetting, resulting in 8-Word form, that is, we often say that the 8 links to.

There is the last case, where opposite sound waves are allowed through to the earthquake on the film, and went around to the front of the sound waves cancel each other out, so in this case, voice not to be picked up at the rear, which is heart-shaped, pointing to the microphone. A heart pattern to be used instead.

And someone yelling, on three points, not right, how do I see a 7 point to, that's how? There are some microphones to have, it's how to do it? The answer seems simple, it is or head replacement is a pointer to the stack. For very simple, original audio and head off, put on the right. Blue large diaphragm microphone like this technology, so often seen. Superposition is pointing to the sound of the two heads together, becoming a new point to, such as a heart-shaped point to plus an 8 Wordis omni-directional. Many earthquake film with select microphones, are implemented in this way.

Sound reproduction not only decided to also determines the tonal characteristics.Single-style sound pressure head, can pick up a natural and clear sound, even deep and realistic very good low frequency control is also very good. Type of soundand pressure angle head, with telling effect, use them properly is a very good low frequency EQ, you can control most natural frequency response, but with a bad effect will be very bad.

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