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    • Light Weight Broadcast Shotgun Pure Condenser Microphone

      Contact NowLight Weight Broadcast Shotgun Pure Condenser MicrophoneExcellent sound rejection from the side and rear of the microphone due to interference tube principle.Read More

    • Cardioid Pick-up Pattern Condenser Microphone

      Contact NowCardioid Pick-up Pattern Condenser MicrophoneCardioid pick up pattern. Extended frequency response with excellent rear rejection. Suitable for vocal instuments and all other professional recoding applications. Who we are: Beijing 797 Audio Co. Ltd was founded in 1953 as the first electric-acoustic manufacture in China mainland, we are now...Read More

    • Aluminium Alloy Die-casting Parts For Microphone

      Contact NowAluminium Alloy Die-casting Parts For MicrophoneAluminium Alloy die-casting parts for microphone Product description : 797 have Die-casting equipments for Aluminium Alloy die-casting. We have mould engineers and module machining machines, can design and manufacture Aluminium Alloy mould in our own workshop. Aluminium Alloy parts for...Read More

    • CNC Lathe Microphone Parts

      Contact NowCNC Lathe Microphone PartsCNC lathe microphone parts Product description : 797 have CNC lathes, general lathes, milling machines, the fourth axis milling machines, grinders. Parts from machining or parts need additional machining process all can be made in our workshop. We supply machining parts for microphones or for...Read More

    • Back Electret Capsule for Condenser Microphone

      Contact NowBack Electret Capsule for Condenser MicrophoneBack electret capsule for condenser microphone Product description : 797 have full set of back electret condenser capsules, the diameter can be 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25.4mm. Omni directional or Cardioid or Hyper Cardioid, with JEFT or without JFET, in various outline, various...Read More

    • 16 Bit Multicolor Cheap USB Condenser Microphone

      Contact Now16 Bit Multicolor Cheap USB Condenser Microphone16 bit multicolor Cheap USB condenser microphone Product description: D28 is cheap USB vocal microphone, with built in 1.2m USB cable, condenser capsule and on-off switch. It can provide good performance for vocal recording, home Karaoke on your PC or laptop. Features: Quite affordable USB...Read More

    • IOS Lightning Microphone with Angle Adjustable Stand for Apple iPhone/iPad

      Contact NowIOS Lightning Microphone with Angle Adjustable Stand for Apple iPhone/iPadIOS Lightning microphone with angle adjustable stand for Apple iPhone/iPad Product description: D53mini is a studio microphone with both USB output and Lightning output. Mic gain is adjustable, angel is 360 degree adjustable, offers studio-quality audio performance for Recording, Home Video,...Read More

    • Desktop Shock Mount for Microphone

      Contact NowDesktop Shock Mount for MicrophoneDesktop shock mount for microphone Product description : S series are desktop shockmounts for studio microphone. Metal base can provide stable application and hold microphone for desktop placement. Dual big thumbers can ensure angel of your microphone can be easy adjusted, optimized structure...Read More

    • Directional Lavalier Lapel Clips-on Hands Free Microphone for Smartphone

      Contact NowDirectional Lavalier Lapel Clips-on Hands Free Microphone for SmartphoneDirectional lavalier lapel clips-on hands free microphone for smartphone Product description: iCR12 is lavalier microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. With professional condenser capsule, it can help you to record high-quality audio for your projects with the hands-free...Read More

    • Smartphone External Vocal Microphone

      Contact NowSmartphone External Vocal MicrophoneSmartphone external vocal microphone Product description : K1 is condenser version handheld Karaoke microphone, with gold plated big diaphragm condenser capsule and Built-in high quality chipset/battery. With independent Reverberation adjustable function, it can provide excellent KTV echo effect...Read More

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